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Nimish Jain

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I am a full stack developer with over one year of experience in ReactJs, NextJs and NodeJs. I have a passion for building software that is elegant, simple, and functional. I am not a one-trick programmer. I can build anything from the ground up and have a keen eye for design. If you have an idea, I have a web solution for you. I've also had conference papers and book chapters published in IEEE Xplore, Elsevier, and Springer as a researcher. I enjoy music, binge-watching Netflix, and playing basketball.

I am working part-time as a SDE Intern at Luganodes. If you have a project that you want to get started, think you need my help with something, or just fancy saying hello, then get in touch.

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Developer Story

Things you cannot find on StackOverFlow anymore :(



Sep 2023



SDE Intern


Lugano, CH


Luganodes is a AAA rated institutional-grade staking service provider and one of the top leaders in staking volume. Globally, Luganodes’s client base stakes digital assets across 37+ PoS live networks with 99.99% uptime.

  • Building the official website - luganodes.com.
  • Enhanced SEO elevated Lighthouse score to 91%, lifting website activity by 60%.
  • Contributing to Luganodes’ flagship product - Staking terminal for our B2B client.
  • Refactored the newsletter-api service to seamlessly connect with Brevo API.
  • Building an open-source industry standard indexer for a Layer 2 blockchain.
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Jun 2023

Aug 2023


MERN Stack Developer Intern


Mumbai, India


All-in-1 AI based photo sharing platform, enabling users to get their photos from public events and locations in just 1 tap and intelligently share pictures with friends and family in High Quality without messing up their gallery.

  • Developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using NextJs and MongoDB.
  • Built dynamic mongo aggregate queries to develop efficient pipelines reducing response time by 60%.
  • Developed Data Table using AntD consisting of server-side pagination, filtering, sorting, single and bulk operations.
  • Built a dynamic customer conversation and issue components with filtering, sorting and CRUD functionality.
  • Added a bulk import page where users can upload,. view and edit CSV files.
  • Developed an admin panel to edit team members.
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Nov 2022

Jun 2023


Frontend Engineer Intern


Ahmedabad, India


Disecto designs tools that enable Digital Security without compromising privacy and confidentiality. Our breakthrough technological innovations facilitate data sharing and unlock insights into sensitive data.

  • Led the frontend team of INCOG Data Classification project and implemented an efficient SDLC that led to successful component implementation.
  • Contributed over 20,000 lines of code to INCOG Project that helped to shape the product's functionality and user experience.
  • Created a dynamic dashboard with real-time data visualization, enhancing decision-making processes for users.
  • Developed a robust user and role management system, enabling seamless access control and user permissions.
  • Implemented an SQL schema viewer using React Flow, allowing users to easily navigate and understand complex database structures.
  • Developed a robust reports section utilizing Nivo Rocks and the D3 library resulting in visually appealing and engaging reports.


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Success stories from satisfied clients and colleagues

Nimish is very hard working and reliable. He built the entire frontend of our sales CRM using Next.Js. Designs were not provided to him however he was very proactive to find the best frameworks and design libraries for our use case and built the CRM with a very good UX, that will also be scalable in the future!

Harsh Khaitan

Founder - Kwikpic

Oct 2023 - Managed Nimish directly